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  • Strong communication, problem solving, interpersonal and management skills.
  • Willingness to lead and take initiative to achieve business objectives.
  • Flexible in unexpected situations and adjustability.
  • Creative, Open to Innovations, Team Worker, Leader, Analytical Mind
  • 18 years of Professional experience; including recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, training & development, performance & career management, organisational development, succession planning aiming to take on the roles of projects and subsidiaries management in terms of directing to support business and group strategies.
  • ICF Certified Professional Coach, ACC.


Pimsa Adler Pelzer Group Companies, Kocaeli Turkey

Group Human Resources Director

Dec 2017 – Current

Responsible from management of Pimsa Otomotiv Group Companies’ Human Resources policy and strategies.

The companies are;

Pimsa Adler Otomotiv A.Ş., established in 2001

HP Pelzer Pimsa Otomotiv A.Ş., established in 2000

Pimsa Otomotiv Teksitlleri A.Ş., establishes in 2006

Direct report to General Managers of all companies.

Pimsa Group companies operates in automotive sector and manufactures both for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and supplier industry.


Works in coordination with Adler Pelzer Group Eastern Europe Cluster HR team.

Responsible from all HR related functions including Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Performance Management, Career Management and Succession Planning, Compensation & Benefits, Administrative Affairs, Occupational Health and Safety, Union Relations Management.


STFA Holding Machineary Group Companies, İstanbul Turkey

Machineary Group Human Resources Director

May 2013 – March 2017

Responsible from management of all STFA Machinery Group Companies’ Human Resources policy and strategies.

The companies are;

HMF HYUNDAI Heavy Construction Equipments, established in 1993

HMF HYUNDAI Elevators, established in 2009

SİF JCB Heavy Construction Equipments, established in 1956

Universal Handlers YALE, established in 1989

Direct report to General Managers of all companies.

Recruitment & Selection; according to the annual recruitment plan, manages the recruitment operations with the team

Training & Development; 2014 and 2015 have been announced as Innovation year for all STFA Holding Companies, the aim is to develop all of the employees with the vision of Innovation.

Performance Management & Career Planning; a project held with SAP Success Factors to have an online Performance System which will help both to our managers and employees to follow both personnel and corporate performance day to day and online. Also responsible to manage 360° evaluation and calibration processes.

Compensation & Benefits; project held with Hay Group to develop the effectiveness of corporate performance, with this project compensation management model with the grading system has been created which will generate an input, align with our mission, vision and values, to all of our HR processes.

HR Budget Planning; Annual manpower budget, training & development budget, employee satisfaction surveys, motivational organizations budget, corporate social responsibility budget plannings, etc.

►Responsible from payroll process -SAP

►Responsible from all Social Security Legislation, Labour Law issues (5510 & 4857)

►Responsible from Occupational Safety and Health issues (6331)

► Responsible form Quality Management System.

►Responsible from Administrative Affairs

►Manage human resources planning and activities to identify risks and opportunities and contribute to the achievement of the company’s short and long-term goals and strategies. Consistently and pervasively communicate strategic direction, business plans and objectives.

►Prepare summary reports for management, such as turnover, annual leave, manpower cost, man-hour training participation and training efficiency reports, annually and semi-annually human resources strategies presentations. Also analyse and interpret local trends as well.

►Act as an Internal Professional Coach.

Cigna Hayat Sigorta A.Ş., Istanbul, Turkey

Human Resources Manager

Dec 2010 - May 2013

Cigna International, is a leading multinational corporate US based insurance company, objects to be the one of the leaders of insurance sector in Turkey.

Start Up Project - establishment of the organization in 2010.

►As of October 2012 Cigna had an agreement with Finansbank to be managing partner of Finans Emeklilik with %51 share. With this new agreement, main responsibility is the merge of these two companies.

►Take pro-active role for all HR functions.

►Work in communication both with US head Office and Regional Hong Kong head office in all time.

►Preparing all internal company policy and procedures and let each employee be aware of.

►Keep company ’ s mission, vision, values & strategies alive in all times. Support all divisions for the effective implementation of the “Corporate Culture”. Customization of Orientation program for each new comer.

►Responsible from recruitment & selection process; Drive strong executive recruitment efforts through solid account management, exec recruitment process adoption and managing key search partner relationships

Monitor headcount execution plan and own headcount forecasting in partnership with finance

Define and drive the Talent Acquisition strategy for all hiring activity, including executive hiring

Drive use of interview competencies and talent mapping exercises to hire best talent for all positions including executive hiring

Own getting the right people into the right roles. This should include strategic understanding, planning and coaching for the manager on what they need.

Project Max Recruitment Model implementation for all Call Centre Sales employees.

►Responsible from Employee Satisfaction Survey analysis & development plans.

►Develop, apply & coordinate a “training needs analysis system” for the whole company, Prepare the annual training plan according to the performance appraisals training analysis reports, announcement of the training plan internally and implementation of the plan. Maintain yearly budgeting & keep the training records accordingly. Develop proper training programs regarding “orientation program” for new comers, “Data Protection”, and “Compliance” trainings and cascade it to the company and act as trainer. Admin for online training tool Cigna University.

► Responsible from Performance Management System ; Targeting, Interim Review and Year End Appraisals. Keep KPIs updated and alive. Star awards process to be alive to keep Talents in the company, prepare Employee Back Up Plan.

Define and drive the Talent Acquisition strategy for all hiring activity, including executive hiring

►Responsible from Administrative Affairs.

►Launch of CSR projects internally and make necessary organizations

►Responsible to prepare Recruitment , Training, Emloyee Motivation, Administrative Affairs, Manpower Budgets.

►Responsible from payroll process, Legal responsibilities to be followed-up according to Labour Law and execute accordingly.

Accor Services International A.Ş. / Edenred , Istanbul, Turkey

Human Resources Coordinator

Feb 2007 - Dec 2010

Edenred Turkey is the first multinational company which provides meal coupons in Turkey. Edenred global serves more than 40 countries all over the world and has over 6,000 employees.

►Consider the real organization as a base, adapt & establish contemporary HR models in accordance with future targets of the company.

►Keep company ’ s mission, vision, values & strategies alive in all times. Support all divisions for the effective implementation of the “Corporate Culture”.

►Work in communication with Paris head office in all time.

►Responsible from all recruitment & selection process in line with the business requirements using web sites, media ads & consultant firms depending on the position.

Mass recruitment for call center, customer services operations, sales and production as turnover is higher than the other positions.

Competency based group interviews for call center, customer services positions, Assessment and Development Centers for management levels, case studies & role plays for sales and marketing positions.

►Develop, apply & co-ordinate a “training needs analysis system” for the whole company. Maintain yearly budgeting & keep the training records accordingly. Develop proper training programmes regarding “communication skills” or “customer awareness” & cascade it to the company and act as trainer.

►Implement a new grading system in bound with major HR systems such as assessment, performance appraisal, career & succession planning.

►Responsible from Employee Satisfaction Survey analysis & development plans.

►Follow up the developments in HR discipline in accordance with the applications in the sector & bring related ideas to the company so that Human Resources should review internal HR policies & procedures & have the chance to update them in all times.

►Planning the budget of annual training plan, motivational organization plan, recruitment ads on the internet, administrative affairs; monthly follow up of department budget by the report sent by Finance and finalise in the year end.

►Completing the quality policy & procedures of “Training & Development” and making the revisions through the changes (Orientation, Trainings, Awarding, Recruitment, Performance, Administrative affairs). EFQM-Quality team member

BCP (Bussines Contuinity Programme) Planning & Implementation; Organize the Communication plan of the company in case of any emergency to contact with all employees and be sure of safety of all employees as HR. Organize the emergency level of actions with managers.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. Globally Solidarity Day, Earth Guest Day, Aids Day organizations and internal organizations to collect waste papers, batteries, to save water and to support GAP schools for the education materials.

►Support payroll & social benefits division within the context of operations. Subcontractor payroll issues. Legal responsibilities to be followed-up and execute legal processes

►To follow up administrative affairs.

A VE A Yönetim ve İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlığı A.Ş. / İstanbul, Turkey

Human Resources Specialist

Apr 2006 – Jan 2007

Building a Systematic Selection Process; Managing all recruitment processes.

Mass recrutiment for finance, banking, texstile, media, engineering, production sectors, responsible of more than 10 customers, competency based group recruitment interviews, the aim is to provide the opportunity for the candidates to demonstrate some of their behavioural responses to certain situations that are related to performance.

Preparing job descriptions and work-flow procedures; Preparing the work-flow procedures in order to build an accurate reporting system and therefore increasing the efficiency of the employees.

Implementation of the “Job Ranking System”; In order to activate a contemporary compensation system, using a task-success based performance evaluation, while shifting to the “Job Ranking System” where significance of the job is weighted.

Preparation of the Training Programs; Carrying out a needs assessment in accordance with the client’s requests.

Special tarinings such as Banking School (In the end of this course attendees have a certificate which provides them the opportunity to be recruited by the banks)

Akzo Nobel Organon İlaçları A.Ş.. / İstanbul, Turkey

Marketing Assistant Apr 2005 – Apr 2006

Citibank A.Ş. / İstanbul, Turkey

Ass. Compliance Officer / AML Analyst Jan 2003 – Jan 2005

Citiphone Customer Services Represantative Nov 2000 – Jan 2003


İstanbul University, Sociology student (distance learning)

İstanbul University, MBA 2007

Istanbul University, Russian Language & Literature, 1997-2001

Date of Birth: February 26, 1979, İstanbul, Turkey

Nationality: Turkish

Marital Status: Married

Driving License: B (active driver)

Foreign languages: Fluent in English, good in Russian

Interests: Drawing, reading about sociology & phycology, history and Russian classics.

Membership: Peryön, ICF memberships

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