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EDUCATION (diplomes and certificates)
 Boğaziçi University- Graduate- Business Administration (1987)
Finance degree.
 Marmara University BA/Organizational Behavior- Master Degree (2006)
(Thesis on Leadership and Research on Change Management)
 Erickson College The Art and Science of Coaching
Certified as of 2009 and ICF membership
PCC as of 2018
 Birkman Assessment for career management (2017)
 Academic Associate in Victor Frankl’s Logotherapy
Skills and major qualifications
 High degree of business and people acumen relying on 30 years of working experience in corporate life as manager and consultant, having a deep perspective gained from different sectors, companies and leaders
 Strong communication skills
 Strong management skills
 Strong coaching and mentoring capabilities ( Professional coaching certificate and more than 1,700 hours of executive coaching-in ACTP Certificate number: 1805232 -member of ICF global and Turkey)
 Strong diagnostic capabilities for development needs and designing the development programs
 Analytical and systemic thinking
 Team player
 Seek for continuous improvement
 English and French knowledge (French citizenship)

Being mindful open to learn from life each moment and support others to learn from failures as much as from success
 Enriching the life by way of being interested in literature, art (painting and music) and sport.
My values in work life
 To provide something which has a value for people and for business.
 To improve myself and learn more while helping others to do so, continuously.
 To be positive

Funda Bener Değişim ve Gelişim Koçluk (Since 2001…Consultant- Executive Coach- Developer of training and change programs for corporates) (the projects details are given in the attached file)
CarrefourSA (2012-2016 ) HR- Learning and Development Manager
 To diagnose the improvement needs of all level of employees and to develop the programs. In order to do this to hold meetings with the head of departments and the top management.
 To design development programs with blended learning methods (in class, action learning, coaching and mentoring, e-learning etc.).
 To develop and follow up the programs for the talent pool.
 To get all the programs executed.
 To follow up the impacts of the programs.
 To enhance the programs according to the feedbacks taken from the participants and their managers. Also from some indicators such as customer surveys realized every month.
 To share the results and receive the feedbacks with the head of the departments and the executive committee.
 To follow up the company’s results in order to be aware of the needs raised due to the contextual changes.
 To follow legally obliged trainings such as İSG
 To lead, coach and help to perform better the team of training department.
 To manage the department budget

 Delivering the training program of “Competency Model” to all management level (1200 managers)
 Developing and delivering “self and team” management skills training programs
 Giving the coaching and mentoring services to top level executives directors and managers
 Managing the establishment processes of e-learning system and contents of trainings.
 Two prestigious awards in two years; Brandon hall bronze medal at the “best video learning” category and TEGEP special jury award for leadership development programs.
 Building an enthusiastic learning and development team having one of the top “employee satisfaction rate” in the company.
 Publishing the CarrefourSA magazine

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8 Ocak 2022

Micro MBA

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