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Senior level Information Technology Manager with extensive experience in IT services building and management, business relationship management, Program, Portfolio and project management providing success at defining market and customer requirements.
Expertise in managing onshore, offshore and near shore IT Services for business abroad as well as internal IT services. Service Delivery for Global and local customers within SLAs.
ITIL, CMMI, PMI, EFQM methodologies know how and experience. Establishing polices, procedures, best practices and delivering service.
Demonstrated success in building, leading and mentoring cross functional and virtual teams in multinational environments in order to maximize levels of productivity. Vendor Management with contracts, SLAs and Stakeholder management depending on the services.
Expertise in building the Project Management Office-PMO from scratch with team building, process and procedure implementation. Experience in managing projects in banking, manufacturing and telecom within information systems.
Experienced interfacing with key business units including Finance, operation, manufacturing, customer experience, Sales and marketing in multi-cultural global arena. Excellent communicator with emphasis on building strong client relationships within company, capable of making professional presentations.
Team Leadership capabilities also in Human Resources including team building, recruiting, training, career coaching, skills inventory related resource management.

• Hollistic experience in IT with close interaction with business units.
• ITIL, CMMI, PMI methodologies
• Budgeting and Resource management
• Demand, Project, Program, Portfolio and Risk management
• PMO-Project management office management
• IT Governance Management
• IT Operations/Services Management within SLAs, KPIs and ROIs
• Vendor sourcing/management
• Stakeholders Relationship management
• Global and Strategic sourcing
• Customer and business oriented
• Leadership/communication skills
• Finance, manufacturing, service and Telecom sectors experience
• 20+ years experience in every level.
DATE : September 2015 – ongoing
TITLE : Head of PMO and IT Governance
 IT Projects Management Office Management with 4 Project Managers, 1 Demand Managers and 1 Portfolio Manager. Using the PMI customized methodology with the standard documentation. In terms of Demands collecting the business requirements and selecting and prioritising with business committees in order to be aligned with the Company’s strategies. In terms of Portfolio Management, planning the Roadmap of the current and next 3 years’ projects in terms of IT resource management. Ensuring the usage of the process and procedures of SDLC and Project, Demand and Portfolio Management.
 IT Budget Management with 1 expert staff, in terms of OPEX and CAPEX. Foreseen and actualization and amortization management. Business case and Return on investment tracking.
 IT Governance Management with 1 Expert staff working on the KPIs and metrics of IT with monthly reporting, Scorecard tracking for aligning with the IT Strategies. IT Audits respondent. Working as the CIO Office, tracking the ROIs for the Demands and Projects.
 SLA Management between IT and the business (to be implemented)

COMPANY : Turkcell Superonline İstanbul
DATE : April 2014 – September 2015
TITLE : IT Demands Manager
 Prioritizing all of the IT related demands, projects, programs within the company which covers CRM, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Web based and mobile applications, IVR-Call center, billing and collection applications. These belong to the Customer Experience Management, Marketing and Sales business units.
 Being the escalation point for the company and representing the company as single point of contact, therefore managing the relationship with IT (Turkcell Technology)
 Managing Risks for the critical/strategical IT related tasks/projects/programs.
 Analysing KPIs and ROIs for comparison in the performance evaluation of the projects and programs.
 Tracking SLA’s with the operations of IT, and auditing the improvements.
 Coordinating the regulative compatibility and improvements for BTK(Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu) in terms of Customer Experience Management processes and therefore projects.
 Preparing the reports and attending the Monthly C Level meeting for the status information regarding the IT related subjects.
 Implemented the IT Demands Dashboard in Web for the adhoc reporting and online status tracking instead of weekly Excel reports.
 Internal auditor for ISO 9001.
COMPANY : OBSS – Open Business Software Solutions, İstanbul
DATE : April 2012 – February 2014
TITLE : IT Offshore Services manager
 Business development and relationship management within the international arena for providing IT Services offshore-in Istanbul. The services are consisting of turn-key project management or just the development in Java,.net – web and mobile applications or software quality assuring testing or the Atlassian products like Jira with the team of 130 in Istanbul.
 Project based management for the services where needed.
 Built partnerships in Sweden with Xynaptics, in Kenya with SevenSeas Technology group; made connections in Japan, Germany and the US.

COMPANY : Johnson controls BE European Head Quarters, Belgium - Istanbul Technology Center
DATE : March 2010 – April 2012
TITLE : Senior IT Services/Operations Manager
Managing the IT operation of Belgium based, American company: Johnson controls with 80 + employees (including FT and outsources), offshore in Istanbul.
 Responsible for the teams of
o Oracle,iscala - ERP project deployment teams including functional and technical specialists. There may be 2-3 parallel projects at a time with dedicated teams for every project.
o Business innovation in Java, .net – web based and mobile project teams including analysts and developers. There may be 3-4 parallel projects at a time with dedicated teams for every project.
o Project Management office – Project and Program managers – I setup the brand new division with procedures and processes within PMI methodology.
o Software quality assurance testing team in SDLC(software development life cycle)
o Training team – e-learning and classroom, technical and regulative trainings.
o Oracle Support team including finance, supply chain management, business intelligence, java, .net – 2nd level Service center/help desk.
o Oracle database administration team
o Local network and IT support team.
o Administration team
 Reporting to the V.P. -Europe-of IT, Communicating with the entire international senior management team on Building efficiency business units in Johnson controls Europe.
 Responsible for budget of the operation in Turkey in terms of Human Management, facility management, expenses, Capitalized and Expensed workload. Reporting to the European Head quarters.
 Optimized project delivery processes and implementation of a proven project management methodology of PMI.
 Provided effective leadership for the organization of 80+ IT professionals and 5+ managers to deliver technology products and services for the Johnson controls BE Europe consisting of the whole Europe countries and UK.
 Supervising staff and career planning with training and promotions. Technical and soft skill trainings, management coaching for the managers are all provided from professional companies.
 Implementation planning of software design changes to meet the needs of the business units. Analysing and suggesting the efficient way of working with using the IT tools, applications. Providing smart environments like online/mobile applications in stead of Excel lists.Improvement of the IT environments used by business and supported by the team
 Preparing and executing the roadmap/masterplanning of IT.
 Managing and controlling the SLAs (service level agreements) with business units.
 Depending on the subject, managing cross functional and multi national teams. For example business unit from Europe, technicals from Istanbul, testers from India.
 Managing the service catalog and skill sets inventory.

COMPANY : Akbank
DATE : April 2007 to March 2010
TITLE : Demand and Project Manager
 In the establishment of Project Management Office in Akbank, took a key role for constructing the Demand Management systems for prioritising and tracking the projects, portfolio, resource and time management within the CMMI processes.
 Implementation and owning the HP PPM and Lotus domino demand management application which every business unit uses for IT related demands other than problems.
 Project management in means of budget, time and scope of banking projects developed inhouse within PMI discipline. The projects are for the deposits, accounting, credits and loans, corporate banking, transaction banking and likewise. The magnitude of the projects are from 30 man/day to 350 man/days. For the inhouse projects budget depends on the man/day effort in addition to the system needs, as well.
 Project management of outsource projects in means of vendor management, purchasing process, contract management, system integration, budget, time and scope developed by the outsource firms.
COMPANY : Yapi Kredi Bankasi
DATE : April 1997 to April 2007
TITLE : IT Senior System Engineer
 Senior System Engineer
o Technical project management in Lotus domino applications and Systems o Architecture of the mailing and workflow systems
o Lotus domino Products, SAS, Business Objects, Chordiant, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook System Administration including performance improvements, clustering, planning, …etc.
 Internal Auditor in ISO 9x -/ EFQM Team Member

 Technical Trainer
 1994 – 1997 : Uytes, Ankara and Executrain, İstanbul

Middle East Technical University, Ankara -1989 - 1994
B.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics (computer sciences)
During the university, I’ve been selected as the student consultant for the Computer labrotaries in METU. Consulting to the users for Cobol and Fortran77 as well as general computer using and inter-net between the universities at that time.(before internet comes to town  )
Ankara Ataturk Anadolu Lisesi, Ankara -1982 - 1989

• Traveling, cooking, sailing, skiing, writing in Sailing magazines(yacht Turkiye, TYF amangize, Istanbulyelken magazine) and web sites
• Member of Istanbul Project Management Association.
• Member of Istanbul ODTU Alumni society.
• Member of Istanbul Yelken Kulubu - Istanbul Sailing club.
• Member of Moda Deniz Kulubu
Borned in 21.01.1971, Ankara, Turkey


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