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Innovative thinker with broad based expertise in operations, sales, business development and technology integration & partnering. Proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom line.
High integrity, energetic leader known for ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations. Diverse industry and functional expertise, with a tenacious commitment to driving sales, profit and market share growth. Areas of Excellence include :
* Leading Change Management * Positioning Companies
*Digital Marketing Technology & Sales * Creating Winning Business Plans
* Redesigning Business Processes * Growing Revenue & Profit * Building Shareholder Value
* Negotiating & Closing Deals * Forming Strategic Alliances * Technology Development
* Raising Capital * Managing Butgets and P&Ls * Emerging Technologies & Business Innovation
* Developing New Business * Leading Developing Teams * Global Contract Negotiation
*Local & Global Strategic Sales Operation

*Strategic Planning -
Turned around under performing organization by completely changing business model and strategy – grew annual revenues 75 % in 7 months.
* Transformational Change
Reinvigorated publishing company with declining sales by developing product strategy that drove explosive sales growth from TRY 4M to TRY 20M in 3 years.
*Business Development and Sales Leadership -
Closed deals with new 55 business partners which are the mainstream market players, company inventory growth 500% and business line increased to 5, revenue growth 250 % in one year. Company positioned itself as tech solution house in addition to being a sales leader in industry.
 New Business Start Up -
Established innovative all digital imaging BI business which grew to 550 clients and TRY 6M in sales within 15 month and was modeled for next emerging markets such as China, Russia, Romania in addition to US. Established 20 key membered local team and designed a matris model for new start up business parties in new emerging markets of company.
 Product Development
Grew new product sales % 80 and increased product development % 500 in just 1,5 year by motivating and training employees, upgrading tools and technologies, improving project management, and instilling accountability.

PHORM TURKEY – PHORM CO UK, Istanbul, Turkey - 16.04.2012 – 15.01.2016
Business Line : Big Data Technology Provider in Online Media & ICT / Technology Solution Servicing for Corporate Parties - B2B – Linux Based
Managing Director
Directed strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of company in TR internet tech industry. Managed relations with ISP partner and BTK and C-Level professional, publishers, agencies, brands and related governmental organizations which has focus on data privacy policy and BI solutions. Directed contracting processes with mainstream players of market and reached to 90 % of internet population in Turkey. Managed 20 team members in Turkey and 5 employee (product developer ) in London, 15 tech staff in Moscow. Managed relations with global investors and reported to Board. Changed sales and product strategy which has been resulted with 300 % increase in annual endorsement. Success Case of TR has been signified as a prototype to establish new business in Russia, China and US market.

Lecture 1 - Ecommerce & Start UP Business Processes and Payment Systems
 Ecommerce & Payment Systems
o Business Models & market opportunities
o Relations with Inverstors & Investment Process
o Feasibility Calculation Methodology in Revenue & Cost Structure
o Global Strategies on Emerging Markets and Turkey Case
o Regulative steps at market for ecommerce players & rights of consumers
o Payment Systems – Mobile Solutions & Global – Local Cases
o Team Profile in ecommerce playground – human sourcing
o Marketing Strategy & ROI evalution for an ecommerce player in accordance with performance marketing ground
o Third Party Relations and Vendors and Contracting

Lecture 2 – Big Data Processing & BI Strategy for Corporations
 Big Data and Roles for Online Media & Information Technology Industry Players & Conventional Retail Players
o Transition Methodology – From Smart Data to Big Data Architecture for Companies
o Action Plan for Senior Level Executives
o Road Map for Start Ups
o Value & Risk Management in Big Data Operation
o Privacy and Audience Rights & Double Opt in Procedures
o Responsibilities & Liabilities for Commerce Union of Online Media
o Global solutions for Big Data Game, Preferences on valuation of Inhouse & Third Party Arcitecture
Lecture 3 – Performance Marketing
o Technology
o Processing & Mechanism
o Pricing Policy & Algorithm
o Media Channels & Market Dynamics & Trends
o Content’s Position & Marketing Solutions – Native Advertising –
 Tricks & Methodologies & Solutions
o Fighting against Fraud & Functional Solutions – 3PAS
o Measurement
DOGAN ONLINE – MEDYANET, Istanbul, Turkey 01.01.2008 – 13.04.2012
Business Line : Online Advertising Technology & Corporate Sales / B2B Sales & Marketing – Product Development
Portal & Operation Group Coordinator
Managed contracting processes with Publishers and Technology Buyers, inventory increased % 500, managed relations with 55 portals (business partners), in additon to 5 global ones ( Facebook – Alchemy, Publicistas, Wildfire, – had become exclusive TR partner). Especially Facebook was the most important account which had been managed exclusively between 2008 - 2010. Medyanet ( Dogan Online ) was the only sales partner for Facebook and had been managed to be negotiated with market players in terms of Facebook product and sales inventory.
Revenue growth was 250 % in 1 year additionally; business partners has increased their revenue 150 % in 6 month. Managed directly operation & technology and marketing departments, 11 employee. Managed to generate VAS projects: Designed first mobile display inventory house as a new competitor to current GSM operators’ mobile market dynamics under the brand name of Mobia; and licensed branded video ad inventory under the name of Midyo which has been the biggest game player in TR. Company has succeeded to become the first example of 360 degree digital service provider to industry players by 2009.
DOGAN ONLINE – EKOLAY.NET, Istanbul, Turkey 10.10.2004 – 15.12.2007
Business Line : ICT/Telco / Portal Added Value Services for ISP – Managed Transformational Change
Group President of Thematic & Concept Channels

Directed product development and innovative solutions for ISP grounded projects. Managed transformational change process of ekolay.net (ISP ) and established portal grounded solutions & products. Managed 45 people; product, technology, marketing and sales departments. Reported directly to BOARD. Implemented new business assets in early 2000s and generated revenue which is totally apart from Telco sales - company has succeeded to increase annual revenue 150 %. Company’s transformational change has been modelled by other local ISP players in second year.

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