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Marketing, Digital Transformation and E-commerce Leader with +20 years of experience in driving growth, profitability & operational excellence with proved sales, marketing and management skills in particular start-ups and developments. A motivated achiever and a goal-oriented and tactful producer who targets sustainable strategic growth and develops a collaborative, team-oriented working environment by fostering communication, trust and respect.
Google AdWords Certified Individual- PhD Candidate


Marketing Management
Performance Based Marketing
Media Planning
Coaching / Staff Development
Marketing Communication and PR
Brand Management
Social Media
B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy & Sales Channels Management
Events and Organizations
Team Management
Freelance Consultant of Marketing and Digital Transformation
06/2016- Present
 CDO (Chief Digital Officer) Turkey – Member 02/2015- Present
 Lecturer of Marketing, Digital Transformation, Media Planning,
E- Commerce and Social Media since 2010
Galatasaray Sport Club 08/2014- 05/2016
E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
 Responsible for e-business operation of GS Sport Club.

Major Achievements; Re-organize e-commerce division and business processes.
 Increase sales volume.
 Directly report to GS Store General Manager.
CRM and Campaign Management
 Responsible for entire CRM Projects of GSK
 Major Achievements;
 Re-organize direct marketing and business processes- Multi Channel Integration.
 Project Management of new GSK CRM Project. Directly report to GSK Management Board
GittiGidiyor-eBay Turkey 09/2013- 06/2014
Head of Marketing
 Directly reports to the Country Manager
 Has 8 direct reports and is responsible for entire Marketing, MarCom and PR activities of GittiGidiyor including online and offline media investments, social media management, agency relations, performance based activities, and CRM.
 Prepared annual business plans for 2014 and developed business strategies.
 Major Achievements;
 Re-organize marketing division
 Re-branding of GG with new media campaign
 Launched new GG Logo
 Media and Online PR organizations of GG Cadde
 Re-negotiation with media channels and decreased cost by %15
 Improved our e-mail marketing company’ service and decreased cost by %35
 Increased Affiliate’s volume by %25
 New Project management for Segmentation and Onsite personalization
Generali Insurance Group 04/2013- 09/2013
Marketing Director (Direct Channels and E-commerce)
 I created new marketing strategies and built a new digital marketing team
 Manage all kind of marketing and branding operations of Generali sales channels’ transformation. Generali started to sell insurance packages from direct channels at the end of 2013
 I managed company’s e-commerce processes in Turkey with marketing point of view.
 Directly Reports to Commercial Vice President.
Turkey Yellow Medya, Istanbul 06/2011 – 11/2012

Marketing and Business Development Director

Directly reports to the General Manager
 Has 5 direct reports and is responsible for entire Marketing, MarCom and PR activities and events of Yellow Medya
 Has Business Development and Project /Budget Planning responsibility
 Major Achievements;
 Built a new marketing division
 Developed the product line from scratch by establishing the marketing strategy of the brand
 Launched new “Yellow Medya” Brand
 Defined our target markets according to the new Product line
 Increased %70 market recognition of the “Yellow Medya” brand
 Yellow Medya sales increased %100 since I started to work for them
Doğan Gazetecilik A.Ş, Istanbul 02/2008 – 06/2011
Marketing Manager (Digital Brands)
 Directly reported to the Corporate Communication and Marketing Director
 Was responsible for the entire MarCom and PR/ Social Media activities of “.com” brands of Doğan Gazetecilik (www.milliyet.com.tr, www.arabam.com, www.fanatik.com.tr, www.gazetevatan.com, www.posta.com.tr, www.milliyetemlak.com, www.arakibulaki.com, www.hangisinegitsek.com, www.realage.com.tr, www.radikal.com.tr)
 Prepared annual business plans and developed business strategies, MarCom campaigns and budgets
 Was responsible for Social Media Monitoring and Preparation of Social Media Strategies as well as creating new PR campaigns
 Executed and implemented all new projects, new online/viral campaigns and games according to the web site visitors` and target market’s needs
 Coordinated internal development teams and advertising agencies and interactive agencies
 Was responsible for product, service and channel development for online and mobile services according to the business development strategies
 Prepared executive reports and statistics for marketing campaigns performances and web sites
 Followed up of the online media for new marketing opportunities and cooperation possibilities and benchmarking
 Major Achievements;
 milliyet.com.tr became most visited Nr1 news site of Turkey
 Created new marketing strategies to increase revenues of Sales Team by %25 in 3 years
 Received 2 different “Kristal Elma” awards in 2010
 Built a new digital marketing team
Arçelik A.Ş, Istanbul 03/2004 – 02/2008

Web Marketing and E-commerce Specialist

Directly reported to the Sales and Marketing Director
 Was the owner of all the brands` web pages; Turkey’s strongest brands such as Arçelik, Beko , Arstil, Bloomberg, Grundig
 Prepared web-marketing strategies and managed all the operational, promotional activities
 Managed the relations with creative-media agencies
 Evaluated CRM and marketing campaigns for online media and business development of web pages
 Major Achievements:
 Developed 3 significant projects to renovate the infra- structure of www.arcelik.com and www.beko.com using MS Internet Business Solution as well as 6 Sigma methodology
 Received “Customer Satisfaction Award 2006” of Arçelik A.Ş
DOL - Doğan İletişim A.Ş, Istanbul 09/2002 – 03/2004
Product Manager
 Directly reported to the Business Development Director
 Managed an editor group of 3 people
 Was responsible for the entire marketing activities of money-earning portals of the www.e-kolay.com and www.galatasaray.org
 Was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the budget
Filpark Internet Hizmetleri ve Pazarlama A.Ş, Istanbul 09/2000 – 04/2002
Baskuda.com Project Manager
 Directly reported to the General Manager
 Was responsible for the entire operational and promotional activities of Filpark`s e-commerce site www.baskuda.com (www.bidolu.com) which included more than 42 different affiliates, and thousands of products
 Was responsible for identification of the needs of the customers, developing CRM tools, controlling data entries of the products, cooperating with company's web team to design affiliates` web sites and serving as a consultant for our affiliates about e-commerce marketing strategies.
Yapı Kredi Bank Co., Istanbul- Corporate Marketing Department
09/1997 – 09/2000
(Management Trainee) Portfolio Manager in Corporate Banking

 Yeditepe University, Istanbul 02/2015 – Present
PhD Marketing Management
 Yeditepe University, Istanbul 03/2002 – 02/2004
MBA / M.S., Management, E- business, High Honor Student with scholarship (3,85/4)

University of California, Berkeley - Professional Marketing Program
09/1999 – 05/2000
 Istanbul University B.S., Economics in (English) 09/1992 – 09/1997
 Galatasaray High School, Mathematics, Istanbul 09/1984 – 06/1992


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